Statistics Of Wasting Forevers

Time: Three past midnight.
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Don't you wish you could pause time for like as long as it needs to pull your shit back together and then start from where you left off and nothing would ever really change, but you. Don't you wish you could rewind time and change something about a little thing and circumstances would be so much more different than how it is now and no one would ever find out. 

Everything is so temporary yet we let our miseries stick to us for the longest of times. Be it the loss of a loved one, somebody leaving or even letting someone stay longer than they deserve; everything is so momentary. This moment is not forever, yet we cling on to false hopes with both hands believing it is all we have. We move out of our comfort zones and exist on compromises, I mean we do what the hell ever is required to make it work. Sorry to burst your bubble but that's not all you have, this moment is all you have and it is slipping away, one second at a time. This idea of forever is holding you back. Letting go is sometimes the best idea to make a good feeling convert into a happy memory and not decay like corpses, somewhere in a dump of your bad memories. Everything is momentary. Everything is temporary. Do what you want to, but first let it go. You're just wasting your precious infinite forevers in the hope of creating one you've not even known of yet.


  1. You write so true :* :) Your words, your feelings.I love it! Straight forward and always say the truth and the right things.Just superb and awesome you are. You are so beautiful <3


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