Sunday, June 21

Scream To Him Your Love Song Anyway

Hey you, yes you, get up and dial his number. Don't wait for him to call you because it isn't about who called first or who did not. Love isn't about a missed call thinking 'shit he didn't answer my call, he doesn't believe I deserve his attention after all.' or mind games on  how 'I must wait for him to call because last time I did and he might think I'm desperate.' Stop waiting for magic to happen, stop waiting for serendipity, stop waiting for the signs because it isn't a thriller movie reaching climax and a bet is on who the killer is. It's you slowly poisoning a could have been romance based out of unnecessary procrastination. The worst that could happen is them not feeling the same and it will the beginning of a new story, some place else with someone new. The previous prolonged investment of time leading to an equivalent ending to a could have been story is like rewriting your favourite novel with the idea of a character that you like but will eventually ruin the book for you and you do not want that for fuck sake. There have been people who drove to my building at four in the morning, waited for me until I got down, just to see me, because they needed to end their eventful day with the feeling of me in their head or my taste on their lips or just the picture of me in my silly pajamas. There were also some of these lovers who would call me up randomly to tell me how amazing and beautiful I was, because they might not be able to say or feel the same again later and they would still want to be ridiculously vulnerable, even though my response would be relatively cold to that. Trust me, some of the days I really needed to hear that anyway. There will be days you wouldn't be able to drive 500 miles, no, not at four and not even at seven in the evening or whisper all of your crazy stupid love through the phone. Maybe it just isn't your way of loving, maybe you like the feeling more than the way of communicating but let your love be be unguarded; let it be vulnerable. There will be moments when you wouldn't have an ipod playing the background score in the car while you're driving back from work or no spark to kindle your fire. Call him up and scream to him your love song anyway. 

Monday, June 8

How To Be A Great Lover

Memorize the birth marks 
around her neck 
that tempt you leave hickeys 
while you can't keep your fingers 
off her dewy skin. 

Trace the sleep lines
on her back
that lead you back to the bed you shared, 
where her skin was pressed 
onto the white linen 
you enveloped yourself in 
with her smell still in it.