The Sciene Of Freefalling

You know that place between your dreams and sleep, I love that part; where you're trying to get away from something so real in your sub conscious world, yet still trying to hold on for some more minutes because coming back would mean giving up on a certain actuality. The feeling of the two extremes gives me immense satisfaction of feeling everything at once in my head and nothing at all when I retreat to the conscious space.
A lot of my dreams involve people; people who I pushed out the door, people who came and needed to go and people who are endlessly waiting for their turn to come in. Quite a few of them also involve 'fall'. Maybe I'm in the floating canopy and the universe is consistently signalling me to jump. I think a lot of art is involved in making someone love you. Union and rejection wouldn't be so inspiring, otherwise. Little did the universe concieve, I'm running twenty three steps ahead of time. I wouldn't run parallel to the could have beens and could haves. I'm not running anymore. I am freefalling. 


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