How The Desire For Something Better Has Wrecked Our Lives

Our generation has a tendency to never be content with what we already have, thus aiming to conquest more; something, anything. Obese people are being sold to miracle slimming pills promising a beach ready thigh gap. Skinny people want the curves. Women want bigger tits. Big tits want better push up bras. Lean women want a big butt. Fuck this, now everyone wants a big butt. Long hair wants to get cut short. Short hair wants a magic potion for the hair. Let's spend thousands of dollars to end up broke or spend thousands more for that perfect instagram picture because babe, my daddy is earning the shyt. I'm no where close to saying that you aren't allowed to choose how you decide to spend the money you have. It's the desire to be better that keeps the cash inflow intact. Everything can be summed up into a better version of what you already have; a better dress, better car, better phone, better face and eventually a better love. People believe there's always someone better, someone more compatible, someone sexier for them out there. This is why we refuse to settle down. We look for options because we have a continuous fear of losing out on something we don't have. In the process of reaching out for the stars, we've missed our diamonds. But we are all egostic little freaks yearning to satisfy our existence with a false assurance that we won't miss out on anything in life. In all honesty, is that even possible? We'd be foolish if we desired to rise up to a warm sun on a winter morning, take a walk in the rain after lunch and sleep to a cool summer night by the beach at once. I was one of those people; people who'd have an inevitable fear of losing out on something they haven't even lived. I'd think about all the people I could have fallen in love with, had I not spent an entire year being consumed by love that didn't even last. If I settle down with this one man, would I be able to kiss the other men that I once fell in love with, and still am ,with the same intensity or would I even see them again? Maybe I should have never spent the evening with him and instead partied at the hip night club the other night. I could have met interesting people with great stories to tell. What if the person who would have been an integral part of my life was right there but I was busy talking to someone else? Maybe we'd be in love by now. Maybe this love was the one. You see how crazy that sounds? The fear of missing out is engraved in our sub conscious because we we're afraid to make a choice. There will always be options; always be another road to home but the choice is yours: the choice of living one moment with all intensity or living it all with mediocrity. 


  1. Read it twice to double check how things perfectly connect. A writing from a thot, a thot from the actual, the actual from whats visible, Visible coz its TRUE...

    1. Absolutely. Virtual reality was once reality.

  2. You are a great writer....
    Great words.... one should be content..
    Should dream as big as one can but should also cherish whatever one have...

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