Stains On A Coffee Paper

My mind is dazed by a silhouette. She is just a blur created by some chemical in my head. Like a faded blot of jet black ink on an old yellow parchment. And that silhouette, has blurred my concept of importance of words. Because I can't take my eyes off off her. I forget all about the standard norms of falling in love. Stepping outside the boundaries set by society, I fell in love with the idea of a person.
A person I had never met.

At least not physically. But she has been through every cell of my being, leaving behind traces of someone unknown that puts me in a trance. And I am amazed at how an unknown shadow feels like a shot of dopamine. A kind of addictive joy runs through my bloodstream simply because of the thought of her. This is what love probably feels like. This is what home probably feels like.
Or not. 

Because no one would know what loving a blur would be like. We all build an image in our minds, of us with our lovers holding hands while walking on the beach or being in each others arms under the sheets or simply looking at our reflection in their eyes. While all I do, is smile faintly thinking about the person who will hold my heart in her warm hands and keep it close. No feeling has ever been so different. Love has never been more blind.
And I, have never felt happier.

-Kathan Shah


  1. Beautufully woven words . You touched my soul 🤗

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