I don't usually do throwbacks; I'm that person who once leaves things behind and leaves them forever like they didn't exist. 

We usually tend to be runners because we often aspire to conceive poetically devastating memories, slowly sulking in the warm abyss of spotless mind. Often rebounding. One person at a time. Blame it on massive, deep dwelling passages of literary works of art. However, this time, it's unprecedented and I've been reminiscing about how purposeful the past 300 odd days have been for me.

Last year for me was all about focusing on directing positive energies, into actions, into people, into life in general, and in turn filtering the same back into my energy circles.

2016 was an amazing year; mostly uphill and filled with journeys to new places, meeting new people and finding newer versions of old people. It has been a year of learning and self discovery. It has made me hopeful and slowly stirred in me the cream of good vibes, overflowing to radiate out to anybody who has touched my life meanwhile. This was a year of introspection in it's most literal sense, changes, monumental changes in my spirit and psyche and plenty of reflection. The people that met in the beginning of this year inspired me and pushed me to become the best version of myself because they believed in me. I found love again. A kind of love that subtly tames the hurricane in me. With love, I feel calm.

And my biggest source of motivation was you. Yes the wonderful person reading, you. On countless occasions, when I wanted to start a new project and wanted to give up because I am one of those people who starts things but doesn't give them a closure, you were there for me. You sent me emails, snap chats and all of your love and motivation in all forms that could reach my hiding chambers. You believed in me. You believed that I could somehow in any way impact and influence your life. And somehow, you managed to be convinced by my abstract proposals. Not simply convinced, but you made it happen. We made it happen.

I truly can't wait to see what the coming year has in store. Just flow like the river and create experiences worth remembering. If you follow my snapchat, you know how deeply I emphasize on this most times. If you like how my life feels or looks like on the social media and even for a fleeting second, perceive that my life is perfect and there is nothing absolutely wrong with it, that's not true. Everyone has their share of ordeal, but talking about and showing the positive sides of your life makes sense to me, because at the end of that what matters is what made you happy right?

Try to summarize your everyday into things that you're grateful about. Take the leap and make that jump.

What is that one thing in 2016 that you're Grateful for? Leave your answer in the comments below. Keep inspiring me. Stay Amazing.


  1. surely its not easy to maintain all the aspects of life at the same time and with all the social media platforms keep us engaged in all sorts of trends which keep us distracted but thats also bringing some positivity.


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