Boob Talk: Part 2


How many of you said that aloud in your mind, looking at this picture, before even reading the word?

If it were a 14 year old me, she'd probably have too, having absolutely zero exposure to the world of desire and a woman's choice to be whoever she wants to be. You don't. Now, you have access to Internet, Television and some meaningful stuff on Netflix. You are a product of a million years of evolution. Act like it.

I assume a few of you thought I was naked until you saw that tiny patch of clothing towards the bottom on my left boob. Did you go check it now? Good. How many of you immediately sexualized it? No? Okay, did you just save the picture? Just for future admiration, not to re-look at my semi boob line, of course.

Did I want the picture to be sexualized when I getting this shot? Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe, it was one of those shots in between shots where I was just trying to fix my clothes cause a couple of passers by were peeking into the car while we were getting the shot done. Maybe the bra was poking me and I was trying to adjust it. Maybe it was sultry, and I was trying to get some air. Trying to adjust my top. Trying to change. Trying to feed my baby. Trying to treat some pain. Trying to create a photograph. Having a private moment with my lover. Are you going to shame me for any or all of the above?

Don't make us shy away from our bodies, just because you see female flesh and ALL you can do is sexualize it. 

We read about violent rape crimes against women: breast mutilation, unwanted objects inserted in the vagina, domestic violence and the list continues with grotesque details. All of them are a product of misplaced ego and a disturbed mind.

The problem is that we don't look at women like humans anymore; we look at them like they are sexual creatures, every inch of which is a conquest in someone's territory.

Here's another picture. Sexualize this instead.

Thank you.


  1. Telling a truth .. I didn't even noticed any of your picture here while reading. But was despirate to read the noteworthy words you share throught out. I respect woman's life and I will be, because I always believe in person not only in gender. Keep going buddy. Lots of respect to what you share. It need a guts .

  2. Hi ! I don't say that I'm a good man, I have a bad habit of staring at.
    These lines have changed me now.
    Thank you


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