Boob Talk: Part 3

Going bra less is looked at like a political statement inspired by feminists or activists of movements such as #freethenipple. Then there are latest trends, where you spot your favorite celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid walk the streets making 'no bra' a style statement.

Most influencers are doing it; donning clothes that don't need bras to look good. It's a good light, especially for women with smaller boobs. An expression as simple as that unknowingly promotes embracing our bodies however they are. 

Wearing or not wearing a bra is more about comfort than anything else. Women have to deal with the whole ordeal of painful straps, underwire, choking cups to live up to a standard on 'how a woman's breast must look like'; a standard that was made by the society years back. Anything that defies that norm obviously raises questions on morals, creates discomfort, draws inappropriate attention and the likewise. It's been researched and proven that women who use bras have more sagging breasts than free breasts. Try going off the bra for a year and mark the difference. Well if you've crossed a certain age, there might not be a marked difference cause you've already done the damage. However it hold good for most younger women.

There's a downside to not wearing bras as well. If you're chest heavy, you might not feel support without a bra. Your breasts might feel all jiggly, out of control, getting everyone's attention to your chest, most importantly be painful at the end of the day. It's totally up to you if you're comfortable going without one.

Personally, I am okay going bra less, if I'm wearing a tight top. It makes me feel sexy; it's fun! No bra for loose tee-shirt, it's a no-no for me because it's not as fun as it looks if you don't have small boobs. I've tried it and it's nothing short of uncomfortable. Remember when I mentioned that anything you do with your body is a strong expression of being comfortable in your skin? Good. Sometimes, 'good girls go bad' because 'how the hell does it matter why'. I'm an individual perfectly capable of making a rational judgement for my body.

The choice,whether or not to go bra less, should solely be made by someone who has them. Sounds adequate, right? In a society where we are all pro shirtless men because consider it a healthy sexualization, if at all us and them do, it's frivolous to frown when a woman chooses to go without a bra. That's how our bodies are made; we get pointy nipples when we are excited or just cold. That's about it. Get over it already!


  1. I think that the women today have the freedom to express their thoughts. There is no restriction on anyone and I think that this must be avoided that people criticize them.


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