1. Have my own sunflower garden.

2. Build my own garden first.

3. Learn to build a tree house.

4. Build a tree house.

5. Learn how to swim.

6. Swim in a river.

7. Make a list of to read books for 2018 before January.

8. Learn to sing Çan't help falling in love- Elvis Presley.

9. Send message in a bottle.

10. Make my own bottle of wine.

11. Have a cat baby.

12. Launch a merch for fundraising.


  1. hi vidya, point no 3 is also in my bucket list with aparajita sahu over looking Eiffel Tower .

  2. Some interesting choices. I have an 80 year old typewriter that I have been to lazy to fix for almost an year. Gotta love Lifehouse. That brings back some memories. Old cold play was so much better #OldPlay. 23 is your go to number yeah?


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